Mercy House Orphanage recognizes and values the benefit of ensuring that children who come to us see Haitian caregivers as the face of their experience. The people who bring in supplies and provide care share the background of the children so that the children see that their caregivers are members of their own community. This sets the stage for the children to envision a service-oriented future vision for themselves.

Mercy House Orphanage is proud to closely partner with both Haitian citizens and the Haitian government to provide a culturally responsive community to the children who we serve. As part of this partnership, Mercy House Orphanage provides micro loans to Haitian community members who are committed to Mercy House Orphanage so that they may support their own families. Mercy House Orphanage has funded rabbit and chicken farms, trade school tuition, and produce farms to allow Haitian community members to uplift themselves and the Mercy House Orphanage.

Mercy House Orphanage holds an elite certificate from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor of the Republic of Haiti. This prestigious certificate means that the Mercy House Orphanage meets Haitian governmental expectations to effectively support and care for true orphans and restevek children. Restevek children are trafficked children or indentured children. Mercy House Orphanage is certified through the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to care for up to fifty children. Because of the close partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor of the Republic of Haiti, Mercy House Orphanage makes up to ten percent of its occupancy available to children identified by the Haitian government.